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Flyfishing Class - Get started the fun and easy way - let us show you how.

2019 "Introduction to Flyfishing" Class
Great for those of you who have never fly fished before or are just beginning to those at an intermediate level looking to leap ahead in knowledge, skills and enjoyment. Our new revissed class is 3 hours and will prepare you for many situations and give you the know-how and confidence to grow as a successful angler over your flyfishing lifetime. 

The first half of the class consists of a two hour lesson covering:

  The best tackle for different fish and varied conditions � rods, reels and fly lines.
  Leaders and Tippets � what they are and how to select the correct sizes.
  How to assemble your tackle and maintain it.
  The best knots to use and how to tie them.
  Important accessories to save you time on the water.
  Basic aquatic entomology and other food sources important to the fish.
  Flies to have for all situations, from "matching the hatch" to attractors and when to use them.

The second half is hands-on fly casting lesson and demonstration of fishing techniques for when you are on the water, held in a local park-like setting. This includes:

  Fishing techniques for stationary fishing and while wading.
  Retrieval methods and speeds for different fly styles.
  Setup and approach when fishing nymphs at various depths.
  How to hook, fight and land fish.
  And much, much more.  

NOTE: Advance registration and prepayment of tuition is required to attend. 

Price per student:
$95.00 per person in groups of 2 to 4
     $175.00 for a Private Lesson for 1

     Equipment available for use during class

How to Register:
Call Tim at River City to schedule a class - 503-579-5176.

Let us know how many in your group and when you'd like to take the class. 
Get registered for the next class today. You'll be glad you did and expanded your enjoyment and success in any environment near or far.



 Fly Fishing Class Basics for Beginners

 Fly Fishing Class Basics for Beginners

 Fly Fishing Class Basics for Beginners