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Fly Casting Classes

Fly Casting Classes - for beginning to advanced casters alike

Too many people �practice� while they�re on the water during their trip instead of preparing ahead of time. Now is the time to take a casting class. skills, knowledge, enjoyment and confidence in your favorite sport. Fine-tune your casting and presentation skills BEFORE you next go out on your local waters or on that special �trip of a lifetime�. Whether brand new to fly casting and never held a fly rod before, or an experienced angler looking to widen your skills and increase your casting distance and ability to fish in any conditions, we have a class for you. We customize our classes to match your needs.

Beginning Class Lesson Plan
We'll discuss what you want to achieve in a good cast and proper presentation and then help you learn how to do it. 
You'll be casting 30  feet plus in minutes! Fundamentals covered include:

  Outfit setup and maintenance tips
  Roll Cast
  Pickup & Lay Down
  False Casting
  Shooting Line
  Line Handling - having you ready to go fishing. 

Advanced Class Lesson Plan
Whether going to fresh or salt, moving or still water, chasing bones, tarpon, trout or steelhead, we can give you that extra edge to have a �trip of a lifetime�, In the Advanced class, you will learn 

  Special presentation casts, including curve and reach casts.
  Single and double haul technique to improve your distance.
  Line speed texhniques to help you cast effectively in event the windiest days.
  Loop control for presentation control - whether delicate dries settling softly on the water or a noisy splsh for getting the big one's attention.
  Special requests. We will customize to individual needs and desires.

Switch and Spey Casting
We also offer two-handed spey casting instruction .From grip to advanced casts and line control, we will cover what you need.

$60 per person for a one and one-half hour class for 2 to 5 in your own group.
$90 for a one and one-half hour private class.

How to register
Call Tim at River City to schedule a class - 503-579-6176
We can help you find the right class to fit your goal.  If the schedule does not fit your needs let us know we will be glad to work with you.