• Published by Stackpole Books  
  • 288 pages
  • 8 1/2" X 11"
  • Hardbound
  • Over 500 photos of flies and feathers
  • 50 breathtaking exotic bird illustrations
  • Close-up step-by-step fly tying photos
  • Vivid photos of the genuine feathers
  • Chapter on substitute feathers
  • All for only $49.95

Written by long-time tyer and instructor Kevin W. Erickson, this book represents over 40 years of experience and a lifetime collection of Classic Salmon Fly Tying materials. Kevin shares his collection and provides detailed  information on how to tie each of sixteen different flies in full step-by-step photos and instructions.

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Northwest Classic Salmon fly tying expert Dave McNeese puts it well:

"One only has to open this lovely book to see it's value. The lengthy text on the 50 species of birds used in this book to produce gorgeous Salmon flies is crucial to developing an understanding of their function and use. The complexity of tying a salmon fly can be intimidating, and tyers often shy away from learning to tie them properly. One reason is that proper instructions are difficult to find. The remedy here are the thorough step by step photographs of all Kevins tying steps that are needed to tie 16 different Salmon flies. It's like having him in person giving you the critical information from start to finish. This book, 'Feather Craft', will make a marvelous addition to your fly tying library.

Dave Mc Neese
Springfield, Or.
Christmas Day 2015

Every book contains:

Sixteen Classic Salmon flies shown in full step-by-step photos
Both Traditional and Modern designs,  with complete material listings and descriptions of every step.

50 different exotic birds shown in exquisite paintings
Taxonomy for each bird including habitat, ranges and physical characteristics. So many amazing birds one would never encounter unless involved in tying Classic Salmon flies.

Hundreds of photos of authentic feathers from all 50 birds
Rich color photographs of full skins and macro shots of individual feathers. All show the incredilble colrs, textures, shapes and sizes that nature has endowed each bird with. From a fly tyers perspective, a valuable resource to see and know what traditional materials look like and what is needed to make a good substitute. 

And much more - be sure to get your copy as soon as it is available - expected release is January 2017.

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