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About River City Fly  Shop - Opened November 1st, 1999, the Shop has a loyal and growing following

About the Shop

Whether you are looking for tackle for yourself or someone else, from beginner or expert and everyone in between, we probably have it or can get it.
  We carry
Fly Rods  from Echo, Temple Fork Outfitters, Beulah, and others.
  To compliment the rods we carry
Fly Reels by Galvan, Nautilus, Dan Bailey, Waterworks/Lamson, 
    Temple Fork Outfittters, Echo, and more. 
  Choose from
Waders and Boots by Wright McGill, Aquaz, Dan Bailey and Chota. 
  We carry several
Float Tubes and Pontoon Boats and associated accessories in stock by Buck's Bags. 
  Check us first for those special
Tools, Gadgets, Books, and many other accessories,
  We can also help make your shopping easier for the angler who has everything ( or for yourself ) —we also have
Gift Certificates.

About River City Fly Shop
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About River City Fly Shop  Our  selection of Fly Tying Materials is extensive -- one of the largest you'll find anywhere in the States.
    Feathers, furs, synthetic materials and more; if you don't find what you are looking for, just ask! 
    We probably have what you want in the back, or we can order it 
  In addition, we also have a wide range of
Fly Tying Tools including vises and an array of other essential tools.
Fly Tying Classes are available on a regular basis for all skill levels and tying interests. 
    From beginner to expert, we have a class for you. Our instructors are some of the finest anywhere. 
    Call for more information and scheduled times. Join us and get started the fun and easy way. 
    All tools and materials provided during class.
Fly Casting Classes are offered for all skill levels for either small group or private instruction. 
    Schedule yours today and advance your skills YEARS in just one session.  
  We also have
Guided Local and Worldwide Flyfishing Trips to some of the finest waters in the Northwest and beyond.
    We can help arrange individual and group trips to many of the best fresh and saltwater destinations worldwide.

About the Staff

About the Staff at River City Fly Shop - Don Nelson

Don Nelson - Owner
Don grew up riding the Union Pacific rails between Portland and Pocatello ID with his grandfather, a UP conductor.  "Mike's" ample time off was well spent by taking Donnie fishing from Wyoming to Utah/Idaho to the west coast rivers.   Forty plus years ago Don asked a co-worker to go fishing for the day.  The first four or five times together were fishing which turned into marriage, three kids, 7 grandkids and a cat.  Don got some catch here!  In the early 90's Don learned to tie flies and was severely bitten by the fly fishing bug.

In 1999 he sold his big ol' empty (of children) house and opened his store.  River City was an instant success partly because all the old friends came to hang out and chat.  The new friends who followed came to learn to tie or cast or just to hang out at the table and have meant the store's continuing success.  Pete, Ralph and Tim make things easy with their vast knowledge of fishing and their super friendliness. River City is a dream come true where work is fun and fishing can be an everyday affair -- even if you're just talking about it!!!

About the Staff at River City Fly Shop - Ralph Brooks

Ralph Brooks
Ralph's been fly fishing and fly tying since he was 14. In recent years he's taken up rod building. Raised in Kansas his "home" waters were once in the Missouri Ozarks and the Rocky Mountains of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and South Dakota. In 1998 he finagled a work transfer to Oregon so he could fish on a more regular basis. While most of his time is spent on Oregon and Washington waters, he still manages to escape to Alaska, points east, and even the Caribbean on a regular basis. Ralph recently retired after 20 years as a botany professor at the University of Kansas and another 20+ years as environmental scientist for an international engineering firm. So, now there is plenty of time to devote to one of his life’s passions.

Tim Ganley

Originally from the east coast, as a youngster, Tim started fly fishing in the Catskills and the Adirondacks.  During the summer, when he wasn't out trout fishing the beautiful rivers of New York State, you could most likely find him perched in an old soda fountain booth located in the front of the mom & pop fly shop in the town of Delhi.  Tim loved sitting around listening to the "old guys" trading fishing stories.

Tim moved out west to Oregon in the spring of 1972 where he discovered steelhead and never returned to the east.

These days, when he is not out chasing fish, you'll most likely find him here at the fly shop.  Tim provides casting instructions and helps Pete, Ralph, and Don with shop chores.  In between all this, he may be spotted sitting around the table trading fish stories with the guys at the shop.  It seems that after fifty years not much has really changed!  Life is good!


About the Staff at River City Fly Shop - Pete Priepke

In remembrance - Pete Priepke  
(Passed away September 2nd, 2013. former member remembered by all who knew him)

Pete says
"I was born in The Dalles, Oregon and caught my first fish when I was five years old. Since that moment I have been a fishing "junkie" unable to reform. Most of my adult life was spent in two major cities: Seattle and Chicago. In Illinois I satisfied my fishing addiction by pursuing trout in the Wisconsin spring creeks along with smallmouth bass anywhere I could find them. While in Seattle I spent every free moment pursuing trout, salmon and steelhead. It was there that I fell in love with searun cutthroat and fly fishing. For over thirty years, fly fishing for these mysterious and beautiful fish has remained my primary passion.

In 1999 I retired and escaped the "corporate grind." I moved to the Portland area, and started hanging out at the River City Fly shop. When it became apparent to Don that he couldn't get rid of me, he put me to work. It has been a dream job come true. I consider River City to be a fly shop version of "Cheers." It is a place where fisherman of all types can come and meet. We try very hard to make it a "community" and not just another retail store. Come and see us. We love to talk about fishing and we learn something every day from our customers. Hopefully they learn something from us too

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